Heaven and Earth Designs Site Update

I am sorry it has been a few weeks since the last update… where DOES time go?

New Artists
there are two new artists on the HAED website since the last update, Ciro Marchetti and Julie Fain
Marchetti’s work has long been loved by tarot card collectors and it is wonderful to see his digital fantasy artwork charted by HAED . All his stunning, colour rich  images of fantasy and imagination can be seen at his Website

Julie’s silhouette artwork is a beautiful addition to the website, she has become an artist via her career as a website designer , working for a number of fantasy, including some HAED artists and her fairy art is sure to become a favourite
you can see the full range of her work on her Website

New Charts

HAED has been busty again releasing charts to satisfy everybody’s varying tastes in fantasy art, below is a selection of charts released, but remember to regularly check New Charts page on the website

Zen Garden … Marchetti
Reading The Gilded Tarot … Marchetti
Pixie Dust … Fain
Moon Lit Waters … Fain
Panthera Leo … Carlson
Unbound Dragon … Beard Jnr
Captain Leo … Carrie Hawks
Urishima and the Sea Turtle … Patience
Qs Lavender Rose … Dillman
I Will Hear No Evil .. Becket-Griffith
Lullaby Blessings .. Gelsinger
Qs Innocence .. Tate
Rose Magenta  .. Middleton

Discount Charts

looking for some discount charts?
Check out the 30 percent off link for over stocked charts on the website.. you will find a long list of charts there that can be purchased snail mail , all the details on why they are available and how to order them are listed on the linked page

New freebie

Check out the freebie link on the website for a cute new mini chart called Furry Animals by Judy Mastrangelo
the link is just under the main banner

Retired Artist
HAED is sorry to announce Tony Pacheco charts will no longer be available from the 1st of may, which only leaves you a few days to pick up any charts you may have had in your wishlist

remember to keep on sending in those WIPS and  finished HAED pieces to HAED , HAED bulletin board or me so we can continue to share the art,charting and stitching skills 

Thankyou for reading … Fudgey

HAED Website Update

HAED welcomes 3 new Artists

HAED would like to welcome the following new artists, Lindy Longhurst of Serpent Manadala’s, Nicole Pisaniello and Christopher Bell, three very different art styles all of which look wonderful charted

Australian Artist Lindy Longhurst is known for her bright and detailed mandala’s as you can see here on her website
Charts from Lindy on the Haed site include



Nicole Pisaniello’s wonderful artwork, including a unique zodiac series, can be seen at her website
Deramis Creations
Artwork already charted include the popular

 dew drop
Dew Drop Fairy
and the start of her Zodiac Series 
Cancer , Capricorn and Gemini

Christopher Bell’s work has medieval and pagan influences as you can tell by the pieces already charted by HAED and on his Website
His charts include
Holly Tinne
Faerie Orb

 forest door

Forest Door


HAED Originals return to the Website…

This week saw the return of HAED Originals with Michele releasing her new chart
French Filigree which was inspired by  lace from Michele’s grandmother’s wedding dress
The choice of colours for this chart, as it only has two colours , are endless.
Below is a WIP of one possible colour combination using Black and Enchanter Rose 1323 silks from the wonderful Vikki Clayton at  Hand Dyed Fibres (HDF) the wip is stitched 1×1 with regular silk on 35ct cream linen

french filigree


Stitcher’s Spotlight Week 7

Welcome to this weeks stitchers spotlight where you get the chance to meet a stitcher who has an advanced stage Work In Progress (WIP) to share. This week we are meeting the talented Beth, who has a number of HAED finishes to her name as well as this lovely WIP.




Wicked, Tricksy and False (Beckett-Griffith) 1×1 on 28 count


I’ve been stitching on and off since I was about 10 years old, but picked it up regularly again when I went back to graduate school about 10 years ago as a way to de-stress. I discovered HAED about 3 years ago through a mention on another stitching bulletin board (BB). I Spent hours browsing through the site and the BB, and was hooked right from the start.
There are so many talented stitchers on the BB, and after seeing the gorgeous WIPS and finished pieces I couldn’t resist starting one myself.   My first purchase (which I immediately kitted up and started- I really love the instant gratification of buying PDF charts!) was Selena Fenech’s Storykeeper.  Up until this point, I had only worked on one piece at a time, but soon decided (after reading tips on the BB) to try a rotation….and within a couple of months, I had started a story keep and a couple of quick stitches, plus a couple of non-HAEDs.  My intention was to have just one full-sized HAED in my rotation, and then, Jasmine Becket- Griffith’s work was charted.  As soon as I saw Wicked, Tricky & False, I knew I had to stitch them, and there was no way I could possibly wait until I finished Storykeeper. Their naughty little faces just called out to my younger Goth girl self. 


Having a number of different projects, with different colors, moods, subjects, has worked well for me, and so in addition to my 2 full size HAEDs, I also usually have at least one story keep, a couple of quick stitches, and now a Tiny Treasure or two in my rotation.
I have a long list of charts I want to stitch someday- seems the list keeps growing nearly every day! The stitch-alongs on the BB are great motivators for me, as is sharing my own WIP photos and keeping up with other people’s WIPs. 


I’m still experimenting with different types of fabric, but right now, I think my favorites are either 28 or 32 count jobelan, stitched 1×1.  Been wanting to try hand dyed fabrics after seeing some of the beautiful WIPs on the BB (there’s so much information there!  People are always so generous in sharing their experiences), but haven’t taken the plunge yet. 


Stitching is a way for me to take time for myself, and so the process itself really is what I enjoy. But there’s also something satisfying and a sense of accomplishment in finishing a piece.  The detail in these charts is incredible, and they stitch up so beautifully (thanks to the artists for their beautiful work & to Michele & Bob for their amazing charting!) that they look like works of art themselves. 
My first HAED finish, Ruth Sanderson’s QS Woodland Santa was a Christmas gift for my mother.  It was such a pleasure to stitch this piece, and it was so amazing to see the picture emerge over time. It took me about 7 months to finish (and I got such tremendous support from people on the BB as I got closer to finishing just in time).  A recent finish, Judy Mastrangelo’s Buttercup Bunny QS, another gift for Mom, has replaced Santa on the wall now that it’s spring.   
Selena Fenech’s Dragon Soul QS is hanging where I can see her every time I look up from my writing.  My most recent finish is the first Tiny Treasure I started, Nancy Faulkner’s Humpty Dumpty.  He was so much fun to stitch and (relatively) a very quick stitch for me.  He’ll be a gift for a friend’s baby. 


Since I’ve just finished Humpty Dumpty & Buttercup Bunny, I’m excitedly anticipating a couple of new starts in the next couple of weeks.  I’m planning to start Fenech’s TT Letter “A” and “E” for my nieces ,they’re only 2 & 4, but love watching me stitch….they both have their eyes on Wicked, Tricky & False- they love the colors- and the 4 year old really wants me to teach her to stitch- she calls it “up & down”.  We’re working together on a kids’ pattern, but if she’s still interested in a few years, I can’t wait to buy her first HAED TT and Mastrangelo’s Easter Bunny QS as a companion to Buttercup Bunny (I bought them at the same time, and pictured them as a pair). 
So far I’m the only one in my family who stitches, but they all appreciate the time & care that goes into it, so it’s fun to share with them.  I stitch almost every day- it’s hard to imagine not stitching for an extended period of time. I really enjoy everything about stitching HAEDs- even the background and the confetti! 


Beth has several finishes to her credit, including


woodland santa


Qs Woodland Santa (Sanderson) 1×1 on 28 ct


dragon soul



QS Dragon Soul ( Fenech) 1×1

HAED news and website update

Welcome to this weeks HAED update

2 New Artists sign with HAED

It is with great delight that HAED welcome 2 new artists to the stitching community
keep your eyes open for charts from the amazing Ciro Marchetti  whom quite a few of you will recognise , as many stitchers have his Gilded Tarot it would seem. His colourful fantasy images will be a wonderful addition to everyones chart collections! Haed would also like to welcome Serpent Mandalas, beautiful  mandala and dream series artworks by  Lindy Longhurst an Australian artist, her work is spritual and whimsical  in nature and will look wonderful stitched.  Look out for charts from both in the coming weeks

New Artist Chart Release

HAED released the first chart from the wonderfully talented Joan Marie this week


New charts

Many new charts to add to your collections or wishlists this week
check the website for a full list of all the recent releases

the first chart in the list of new releases highlighted this week was voted on By the HAED BB members ..
The Lovely Artist Sara Butcher gave stitchers a chance to vote which image from a list they would like to see charted and the stunning Swan lake was the narrow winner.
Swan Lake … Butcher

Other new charts include…
Making Mischief .. Lisa Victoria
Anne Bonney .. Rosario
Pixie Dust .. Anderson
Lady With the Mirror .. Pacheo
Pearl Princess .. Disney
QS Blonde Mermaid .. Elaine Cox
QS Night Rose .. Kuik

Finished Cross stitch
a wonderful finish to share with you this week

Santa Claus at the North Pole stitched by Violet
click on the small pic on the website to see him in all his glory

Thankyou for reading the Haed weekly blog update 🙂