Heaven And Earth Designs Website Update

New Artist Joins Heaven and Earth Designs

HAED is pleased to welcome Kirstin Mills to the HAED community
Kirstin  is an Australian artist who paints fairies, dragons and other fantasical and magical images.
so keep an eye out in coming weeks for her art to appear as charts on the HAED website. In the mean time check out her website  for a taste of things to come !  The Magical World Of Kirstin Mills

Latest HAED Releases..
As always HAED has been busy charting, to keep an eye on what has been released remember to always check the New Chart section
Some of the newest releases include

Forest Friends .. J. Wall
Rose Green  .. K. Middleton
Resonsible Man .. J. Christensen
Butterflies Galore .. J. Becket Griffith
Sunrise Swim .. C. Hawks
Catch Me .. S. Fenech
Tarot Queen of Cups .. S. Law
QS Illusion M. Dillman
QS Red Rose Tattoo .. CC. Kuik
QS Ravishing Red Mermaid .. N. Tate

Finished Masterpieces

Focusing on the smaller charts this week, there are 4 lovely finishes
first a Qs completed by Rosie on 22 ct fabric 2×1
QS Bubble Fairy Cat Face Art by C Hawks


Next if you have been wondering how the Tiny Treasure charts stitch up, here are some wonderful examples
The Letter P from the Fenech Fantasy Alphabet sttiched by Petrina on 18 ct aida 2×1


The Letter R from the Fenech Fantasy Alphabet stitched by Rachel on 18 ct Aida 2×1

letter r

and finally the Letter A from the Fenech Fantasy Alphabet stitched on 25ct fabric 1×1 by Claire


keep an eye out in future weeks for more of these lovely letters to be displayed as there are more being stitched at the moment

HAED Website Update

Just a quick HAEDS Up ..
there is a sale currently on the HAED Website for Mothers day, it will run until May the 11th at midnight
and there is 25 percent off all charts

there are lots of charts to choose from and especially check out the new charts link
The very newest charts include

The Perfect Poison … Rodrigue
Saint With White Sleeves .. Christensen
Peacock’s Lagoon .. Marchetti
Wonderland .. Evans
Made of the Stuff of Stars .. Leotti
Butterfly Princess .. Miller
Silver Sisters .. Fenech
Offerings .. Law
Golden promises .. Kuik

New Finish

Stitchers on the HAED BB have been watching this finish unfold for the past 2 years
Rachel Andersons Queen of Hearts Is one of the most talked about charts on the BB and when you see the finished product you will see why! (make sure you click on the larger image link )
it was stitched by Jillian of New Zealand 1×1 on 25 count dublin and took just under 2 years to complete
This chart can also be purchased as a Quick Stitch with no background and as a Cameo  chart with a stunning frame.
You can see more of Rachel’s work HERE and in Quickstitches in the A-C section