An Addition to yesterday’s Entry

The wonderful Teri Rosario has Donated her art work Jeannie’s Boy to HAED for a second LE chart release..

This message from Michele

Teri Rosario has donated a painting of a horse for the Tornado Relief fund and he looks alot like Tess! Thank you so much Teri and blessings to you!

Check out the Chart HERE

Long over due Update!

Hi everyone, sorry it has been a while since the last entry..

Things got a bit hectic at Heaven and Earth Designs !
Most Haed stitchers would be aware by now that Michele, Bob and the girls home took a direct hit from a Tornado a few weeks ago and have been working hard to clear all the debris from their damaged home, and destroyed barn, fences and trees etc, whilst trying to come to terms with the devastation such a traumatic occurance  causes. It will be a while before things are back to normal and as a consequence things have been a bit quiet on the Website as far as releases and image updates etc however rest assured it is business as usual ..

LE Tornado Fund Chart release

With the kindness of Ching Chou Kuik she has offered Flow Followers to us to chart for raising funds for Tornado relief. We are faced with numerous expenses that are far above and beyond what we are capable of coming up with. We are hoping that everyone likes this and all proceeds will go to debris removal, tree stumping and perhaps a good ol fashioned barn raising.

Our girls are devastated with the loss of the horses and we are hoping to at least provide them with some sort of comfort with the promise of a barn in the future and having their horses back.

The chart will be available for purchase on the site today and it will be emailed rather than download so that we can personally thank everyone for their purchase. The chart will be a limited edition and will not be offered in the regular catalog and will be available for a 2 week period only. We greatly appreciate everyone’s kind responses and numerous emails and we are hanging in there.

Michele, Bob, Harmony and Emilie

If you wish to purchase the chart You can follow the link on the website or click HERE
Please note you must not use the cart system to purchase this chart the details on how to purchase are on the linked page

Recent HAED finishes and Wips

Two Loves of Arthur ..S.Tippen … stitched by Sandy 1×1 25ct

QS Titania .. J Galbreth… stitched by Angela.. 2×1 16ct

Qs Lost In Love … Molly Harrison … stitched by Ruth 1×1-25 ct peach cobbler fabric

Broken Angel … Meredith Dillman .. stitched by Arwenl 2×1 16ct

Automne … C Vacher… Stitched by veeedub

Heaven and Earth Designs news

Welcome to this latest Update for the Heaven and Earth Designs Website

July 4th Sale

This annual sale is now on and runs through to Midnight on Sunday July 6th with 25 percent of all charts
As well as all the charts on your wishlists , there are many new charts to check out in the New Products Section such as the ones highlighted below

QS Pooka Meadow Cat …. Elaine Cox
QS Carnation Fairy … CC Kuik
Qs Sinking Moon … CC Kuik
Mab … Selina fenech
Sunset … Rachel Anderson
TT Icemark … Kinuko Y Craft 
Tellulah’s Treasures … Hannah Disney
Voyage of The Basset … James Christensen
Jonah … James Christensen
Kells … Cari Buziak
Aquarius … J Becket-Griffith
Peek-a-Boo … Karen Middleton
Tarot Queen of Swords .. Stephanie Law

Some Recent advanced Wips and Finishes to share


QS Sunset Storm ..  hannah Disney …stitched by  on 20 ct aida by Lonneke
sunset storm


The Three Little Pigs Dancing  … Scott Gustafson…Stitched 1×1 on 25 ct By Komari
Three Little Pigs 1x1 on 25 ct stitched by Komari


Qs Easter Lily Mermaid Hannah Disney…Stitched by Jan 1×1 on 25 ct

easter lily


A Long Winter’s  Nap by Dona Gelsinger… stitched 1×1 on 28 ct by Irene

long nap


Luna/Stellar/Sol trio set … Selina Fenech … tent stitched 2×1 on 28 ct by Angie



Psyche’s Dream … Josephine Wall .. stitched 1×1 on 25 ct by Michiko

psyches dream

Tea Bath … Renee Biertempfel….Stitched by Karen

teabath fairy