Haed Update

Welcome to this weeks HAED update,

Easter Sale is now on..

There is currently 25% off all charts on the HAED website, this live until Midnight Tuesday the 14th of April
there are lots of new charts to choose from , as well as a good chance to clear some of the charts off your wishlist and into your stitching stash

New Collection of StoryKeeps Available…

HAED has released some new Storykeeps, after many stitchers have been asking for them, as they are perfect for gifts or a introduction to the joy of haed stitching

New Storykeeps include…

SK Wolf Countess … JBG
Crimson Glamour .. CCKNew Artist…

Welcome to new artist Howard David Johnson

As mentioned a few weeks ago Howard David Johnson has joined the HAED community
this week HAED released five charts showcasing his work
You can check out his five charts HERE

New Charts..
Remember to always click on the New Charts link on the website when you visit ,
some of the newest releases are
Bridal … Sandra Kuck
Easter Blessings … Koukiotis
Potential … Law
PAB Mysterian left… Marie
Qs calla Lillies .. Kuik ( keep an eye out for wip pics of this one in the coming weeks)
Motherhood Colour… Fenech
Qs two Fluffy Kitties .. JBG
QS Easter Bunny Mermaid … Cox

Looking for something new for your stitching, check out Michele’s Etsy store for
lovely Beaded Needle threaders , they have been selling fast

Only time for one finished Picture this week ( sorry i promise more stitchy pictures next blog entry)

Mad Hatters Tea Party … art by  Scott Gustafson

Stitched By Komari on 25 ct

Stitched By Komari on 25 ct

A Quick HAED update

Just a few quick notes about what is happening at HAED right now..

Please make sure you have a current subscription to the HAED newsletter, if you believe you are signed up and did not get a newsletter on the 26th/27th ( depending on where you live in the world) titled take 2 you need to go to the HAED website , and log in to your account.
Then scroll down the left hand side or look across the top and click the newsletter subscription link…. fill in the details using the same email address  as for your HAED account .. if you are subscribed it will tell you , if you are not it will process the details ..
IF it says you are subscribed and you did not get the newsletter… contact HAED using the contact form on the website and explain the problem .

Another new artist at HAED..

Michele and Bob would like to welcome Giovanna  Adams to the stitching community you can find the first of Giovanna’s charts HERE which display some of her reknowned Fairies of Colour Series and also contains a link to her website.
Welcome Giovanna

More Lovely Work In Progress Pictures  … and a Finish

Just after the last Blog Update i recieved three wip pictures from stitchers, as well as a new finish, so i thought i would share them here, they are not even on the website at the time of typing this…

stitched by Cheryl

stitched by Cheryl

Stitched by U-ko 24 pages completed

Stitched by U-ko 24 pages completed

Stitched by Judy

Stitched by Judy

And a finish.. stitched by an amazing lady from New Zealand whose HAED count has now reached the amazing 15 completed!!

Stitched By Jan on 25 ct

Stitched By Jan on 25 ct

Heaven and Earth Designs Update

New Artists to watch out for in coming weeks
First  is a new up and coming Melbourne ( australia) artist Bec Winnel, known as My Charlie Girl on Etsy
Her ethereal , fragile faces done in pencil, pastels etc  will be stunning in cross stitch!

Next is an artist who has been on the HAED wishlist for years, Howard David Johnson ( site has music if you want to turn the sound off) Haed is hoping to release the first of his charts in the next few weeks

New Charts..
There are some lovely new charts on the website ( aren’t there always!!) as usual you can check the full list HERE , but here are a few of the highlights
The Quilts of Cape Cod … Wooster Scott
Woodpecker Tapestry … Morris
Strawberry Thief  … Morris
Qs Yesterday’s Gone … Kuik
Qs Trisha … Disney
The Wind in the Stone … Craft
Qs Elfland Sleeping Fairy … Craft

And  a new collection.. Face Montages
the first being  Kuik Face Montage 1

This weeks stitchers Gallery is for Wonderful Wips, i hope you  enjoy these lovely works in progress by stitchers on the Heaven and Earth Designs Bulletin Board

Priestess of Quetzsalcoatl stitched by Nancy

artwork by Jasmine Beckett Griffith

artwork by Jasmine Beckett Griffith

Qs Butterfly 2 stitched by Ineke 

Artwork by Ching Chou Kuik

Artwork by Ching Chou Kuik

Three Graces Stitched by Jan

Artwork by Josephine Wall

Artwork by Josephine Wall

Angel of Mine .. stitched by Blanca on 28 ct

artwork by Zindy Nielsen

artwork by Zindy Nielsen

Sneak Peek – A HAED Original Up Soon for Release

Welcome to another Heaven and Earth Designs update

A Sneak Peak ….
As hinted at in the newsletter published in the last blog update Michele has been working on some new samplers..
here is a sneak peak at the newest of the HAED orignals being charted…

stitched 1x1 on 35 ct Kail hand dyed linen from Hand Dyed Fibers (HDF) using the sue - purple suilk range also from HDF

stitched 1x1 on 35 ct Kail hand dyed linen from Hand Dyed Fibers (HDF) using the sue - purple suilk range also from HDF


the scan is a little pale, the colours are a lot more vibrant IRL

New Releases for this week
More of the Wonderful New Celtic pieces from Jessica Galbreth have been released this week , along with charts from several popular artists..
Angels ( Sandra Kuck)
Watching Over Us ( Dona Gelsinger)
The Morrigan Tapestry (Jess Galbreth)
Classic Literary Cats ( Carrie Hawks)
Catch A Falling Star ( Julie Fain)

To see all the latest releases, click HERE

HAED Blog Back up and running

Hopefully someone is reading this and you have not all given up on the blog!!

I have made it my resolution for the year to regularly post updates about the  HAED website and images of advanced wips and finishes

For this first blog entry of 2009 i would like to share with you the recent HAED online newsletter, as i know not everyone subscribes to it.
to subscribe you can click on the link on the HAED website which can be found on the left hand side under information…

Feb 24th Heaven and Earth Designs Online Newsletter

Hi Everyone~ It has been quite a long time since I posted a newsletter and there has been alot going on with HAED recently and we wanted to share in the exciting news.
First of all, we have been working diligently on a new line of designs that are Christmas stockings and we will be featuring the Christmas artwork of Donna Gelsinger, Scott Gustafson, Ruth Sanderson and several others. These designs will be in the shape of a stocking and will feature some of our most popular Christmas designs. The average size of these stockings will be approximately 16 inches long and 13 inches wide. We are currently working on a group of 6 and should have the first releases out by May/June 09. Stay tuned for some sneak peeks as we get more of the charting completed.
In April, we will be featuring the artwork of Lisa Steinke and wait until you see her new artwork, gorgeous! This program allows you the stitcher to understand a little more about what goes on behind the scenes of the artist and what inspires them etc.
We will also be setting chat sessions that are limited to 25 people but there will be 4 sessions to that everyone has an opportunity to join in and so that we can meet the needs of everyone globally. We have tried this in the past with some success and there will be some very clear guidelines posted to help things run a little smoother.
Some exciting new releases are in the works and first up is 2 new Kinuko Craft designs (The Bell at Sealy Head and Scent of Magic) which are scheduled for release mid March and mid April. Jane Wooster Scott is next up with quite a few that we are working on as well.
Some of you have been wondering about the future releases of the Filigree series and we will be releasing Dutch Filigree by February 27th 2009 and then shortly after that will be Grecian Filigree and we are very excited about these new releases. Michele has been charting Dutch pretty much non stop the past week or so.
We are also working on new Peek-A-Boo’s and Tiny Treasures and that pretty much fills up our plates.
We hope that everyone is staying warm and we are indeed looking forward to the warming of the air and color green after these long Winter Months.
Happy stitching to all, Michele, Bob, Tom and Jessica


So there is some interesting and exciting news there for most HAED stitchers in relation to releases, and they have kept a few surprises up their sleeve too…

New Heaven and Earth Designs Charts
This week has seen the release of charts form two very popular HAED designers, Jessica Galbreth and Kinuko Y Craft, in the  finishes section of this posting you can see examples of Crafts work  stitched…

Jessica Galbreth  … Brighid  Arnemetia  Arianrhod
Kinuko Y Craft … Elfland  Winter Rose

Other recent new releases which caught my eye were…
Qs Moonflower CCKuik
Rosey Bubble Amy Brown
QS Cat Nip Lil Valentine Love ( C Hawks)
Puggle  Jo Lynch ( check out a completed lynch piece below)
Qs Ladybug Love Hannah Disney

You can check out all new releases HERE

There ae many new finishes  since the last blog entry. Over coming weeks i will try and share as many with you as possible. Please remember if you want your piece featured you need to send it to me .. leave a note in the comments section, or email to HAED asking them to pass it on to me ( fudgey) If sending images in please include the count of the fabric, whether you did 1×1, 2×2, 1×2 etc and whether it is tent stitched or full crosses

The first three piece are finishes of Kinuko Y crafts work

Wildwood Dancer stitched by Henk in Aida

Qs Lady in the Meadow stitched by Rachel 1x1 on 25 ct

Qs Lady in the Meadow stitched by Rachel 1x1 on 25 ct

Qs lady in the Meadow stitched by Jeannie-maree 1x1 28 ct

Qs lady in the Meadow stitched by Jeannie-maree 1x1 28 ct

Carley Cat stitched by Isabel Barrerio

Carley Cat (Jo Lynch) stitched by Isabel Barrerio



TT Purple Dragon sttiched by Jan on 25 ct

TT Purple Dragon (JBG) stitched by Jan on 25 ct

Heaven And Earth Designs Website Update

Welcome to the latest update on what is new on the HAED website

New Artists

Heaven and Earth Designs would like to welcome 2 new artists to the HAED community
Carmen Keys and Jane Wooster Scott.

Carmen is a free lance fantasy artist and childrens’s illustrator who paints  watercolor and acrylic Fairies, Mermaids, Angels, Christian fantasy, Children’s Illustrations, Cats and whimsical Animal art. You can see a full range of her art and her biography at her website The Fantasy Art of Carmen Keys . Currently on the HAED website there are six pieces of her beautiful art charted all of which can be seen HERE and i am sure we will see more of her art charted in the future

Jane Wooster Scott paints amazing scenes from the American Experience, her work is colourful and full of detail you can read about her artwork on her Website . Currently on the HAED website there are 4 beautiful pieces available which can be seen HERE , i know there are already stitchers eagerly awaiting more releases

New Charts..

Despite all the problems surrounding getting their home rebuilt after the Tornado, HAEd is back to releasing charts for all their stitchers to enjoy…
below is a selection of the latest releases, but remember to always check the New Chart link
Aurora Painting the Dawn … J. Wall
Tiger lily Faerie …  JM Leotti
In The Banyon Forest  … C Keys
Secret Place … C Keys
A Real Snow Job … J Wooster Scott
Vibrant Vista … J Wooster Scott
Jolly Old Fellow … D Gelsinger

A Reminder that there are two LE charts now in their final week of sale see previous blog entries for the details .
Jeanne’s Boy … T Rosario
Flow Followers … CC Kuik

Recent Finishes from HAED stitchers

Easter Lily Mermaid … artist H Disney

Stitched by Jan 1x1 0n 25 ct

Stitched by Jan 1x1 0n 25 ct

Masquerade … Artist J Galbreth

Stitched by Julie

Stitched by Julie

An Addition to yesterday’s Entry

The wonderful Teri Rosario has Donated her art work Jeannie’s Boy to HAED for a second LE chart release..

This message from Michele

Teri Rosario has donated a painting of a horse for the Tornado Relief fund and he looks alot like Tess! Thank you so much Teri and blessings to you!

Check out the Chart HERE

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