Welcome back to the HAED Blog

It has been quite some time since the blog was updated and I wanted to let everyone know that you will find an update here each every day from now on.  We are trying to keep our customers better informed and also offer some insights to who is behind HAED and daily activities.

As of 11/12/2010 HAED has signed M.C. Escher and we are very proud to finally obtain the artwork of this much sought after artist.  Here are some examples of his work:

We are hoping to have the first charts available by the end of the year, again this is a very difficult artist to license and we hope that you enjoy our interpretations of his work to the needle.

On a personal note, the HAED Team has been working diligently on trying to make some changes to the site to allow for better sorting and finding various charts by different search types.  You will notice some gradual changes to the website over the next 6 months.

As Winter draws in we are expecting our first snow Saturday and I am very much looking forward to the white landscape which always makes the horses happy and Bob especially happy when he can finally pull out the snowmobile and take the girls for a ride.  Me?  I will be on horseback, I much prefer the quiet breaths of my stead to the loud engine that reflects the power of what I can ride without gas 🙂

There has been alot of changes on the home front here and the lives of our closest family members has been put to the test.  I have my son (who is 28) now living with us and the 3 grand babies along with our other Son (1 Grand child here but part time) who moved back home in order to make some life changes of his own.

This means that we house and feed a total of 10 people which makes for some very lively dinners and some rather stressful moments but we are delighted to have family so close and to be able to offer the help when they need it.

The lives of so many have changed in this economy and we must always know that change is good, we often are given the opportunity to analyze where we are in life and re-evaluate what is most important to us.  Change can be very scary and I am dealing with my own changes with loss of personal space each evening but that is quickly replaced with the giggles and laughter of 6 children ranging in ages from 9 months so 10 years that surround me and fill my soul and make me proud to say that I am a parent and a Grand Parent to these delightful little people.

I have been finding that it has taken me several weeks to find that peace in my soul again by doing the mundane things that I used to do, such as replacing coffee with tea to ease my nerves, gathering everyone at the dinner table at one time where possible, to allow myself to not feel guilty for stealing a moment of quiet wherever and whenever I can.  Finding that special time with our four legged friends that always buoy’s me up in a low time.

Most of all I am finding the need to allow our friends and customers (meant to be read as one in the same) a little view in the life of the people behind HAED.  Please feel free to comment with any questions that you may have and we wish everyone a fabulous weekend filled with laughter, joy and quiet moments.

Michele and Bob